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About Us

We're All About Dreams...
The Dreams of life, the dreams of Beauty, Dreams of Sophistication, and of all those lovely things that make life a dream.....

Sweetdupsy’s fashions is about individualizing fashion, presenting unique, bold, quality, timeless pieces of exquisite clothing and jewelry line, shoes with sophistication.
We take time and pride by personalizing their individual need by bringing every clients dream of beauty into reality, with no competition as to who wore it best! We believe every one has a color or colors that accentuate their inner beauty, and we bring that hidden beauty to life, by carefully and tastefully coordination colors, material, and that best suit you. Some people know what brings out their sexy side others don’t, this is where we put our expertise into action. At sweetdupsy’s fashions, we take pride in dressing our clients. Remember fashion started with Adam and eve, and it has since transcended into what ever we want it to be, even in this modern time, some still dress like Adam and eve, and call it adoration of beauty.
Please join me in this journey to help discover how to rock what women really want.